Sports in Germany

A sport is an activity that involves a skill, physical or mental effort to where a person or team goes for competition or entertainment. People also engage in sports for fitness, reduce risks of diseases, fight stress, network, and get to know people; some teach life skills like teamwork, leadership skills, focus, competition, and how to deal with failure.  Sports are a major employer in many countries and an income earner contributing to their Gross Domestic Product(GDP).  With sports memories created, people have a lot of fun, and people come together regardless of their social, economic, racial, and religion, making them a symbol of unity.  To practice in sporting activities, one should take a nutritional diet to ensure fitness and health. To understand and get more nutrition information, visit the protein works. Sporting activities in Germany include;

1. Fussball

The other name for Fussball is football or soccer. It is the most popular sport in Germany with its national football association called Deutscher Fussball Bund(DFB). Around 10% of the German population is directly linked to the association. Bundesliga is the football league for Germany and among very successful leagues across Europe. During weekends tons of supporters, flood stadiums to watch and cheer their favorite teams. Football in Germany carries a rich history as they won the  2014 World Cup held in Brazil. A remarkable German footballer, Franz Beckenbauer, was also a manager of Germany’s National team. He managed to win the WorldCup with both titles. Germany has won three more world cups, the first one being in1964.

2. Golf

Golf is a sport associated with the rich in society, and only the wealthy seem to practice this sport. For people to take part in this sport, you have to have a membership from a club. Martin Kaymer, a remarkable golfer, is a  player for PGA Tour, a professional mens’ golf tour organizer in North America and the United States. He was the top golf player in 2011 for two months, and worldwide he has been ranked as the second-youngest golfer. It is, however, disheartening that free-to-air Geman shows do not include golf for viewing.

3. Ice Hockey

It is also called Eishockey. The sport attracts a large following, and Germany is ranked to have the best Icehockey League worldwide after the American National Hockey League( NFL). Uwe Krupp is among the most successful German ice hockey players to join the NHL. Colorado Avalanche, a professional Ice Hockey team in Denver, won the annual championship trophy to NHL finals champions, Stanley Cup, in 1996. In 2018, Germanys Ice Hockey contributed significantly to history by winning the Silver Medal in the Winter Olympics. The team was, however, named the German sports team. EHC München and  Eisbären Berlin are some German Ice Hockey top teams.

4. Basketball

Basketball is a famous sport in Germany. Two notable basketball players Detlef Schrempf and Dirk Nowitzki, have contributed significantly to the sport’s success have made carers in the US National Basketball Association(NBA). The history of basketball in Germany has not been very successful unfortunately. The, however, was the 1993 European Championships.

5. Handball

Handball has its origin in Northern Europe, therefore, becoming a very popular sport in Germany. It is the second most popular sport after football and attracts many fans in smallers towns and smaller cities compared to ice hockey and soccer. The Handball League in Germany is among the most successful worldwide, with top teams including Rhein-Neckar Löwen and THW Kiel. The National Handball Team for Germany won the worldcup for the eighth time in 2007. A celebrated professional handball player, Stefan Kretzschmar, was also a couch.

6. Skiing

Skiing is considered a less competitive sport and more of a participation one in Germany. The Alps being in the south of Germany has contributed greatly to the growth of the sport. Markus Wasmeiere, a world, and winner of the Olympics, won gold medals twice in the Olympics of 1994 in Lillehammer.

7. Cycling

Cycling is both a competition and a leisure sport. Its most famous times were between 1970s and 1990s but now is no longer effort invested on it.  However, for leisure, Germans cycle a lot for fitness, good health purposes, and adventuring breathtaking trails in Germany like the Elbe Cycle Route and Baltic Coast Cycle Trail.

8. Boxing

Boxing is a popular sport in Germany that unites people. It is aired on TV, and Germany is a host to many boxing fights. However, its greatest popularity was by Ukranaian brothers the Klitschko made careers, homes in Germany. Max Schmeling and Henry Maske were big boxer names in the 1990s.

In conclusion, these are some of the most popular sports in Germany.