How to Plan Big Fat Indian Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding is an elaborate function comprising lots of traditional rituals. Thus, both families of the bride and groom need to chalk out the plan for the wedding.  All the desires of the new couple are tried to be fulfilled as the wedding is a lifetime event for them.

Months of planning

New couples and their families should start wedding preparations as soon as the wedding date is scheduled. They need to start planning about this function several months before the wedding date so that they can complete all tasks smoothly in time.

Destination Weddings

Many modern couples are not satisfied with simple weddings, and they feel more interested in holding destination weddings. The palaces of Udaipur and Jaipur are the most popular venues for holding a destination wedding. The beaches of Goa, Kerala, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands are also popular as destination wedding venues.

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Hire Wedding planners

Now, a professional wedding planner can help in organizing a grand wedding ceremony. Wedding planners help in selecting the best wedding venue as per the taste and budget of a new couple. They decide the wedding theme and suggest decorations of the wedding venue accordingly. They also help in hiring the best florist, caterer, and wedding photographer for their client, making the wedding preparation smoother.

Pre-wedding photo-shoot

Nowadays, Indian couples prefer to go for a pre-wedding photo-shoot, which gives them a chance to be acquainted with the hired wedding photographer. Since photo-shoot session involves only clicking romantic photos of the new couple, the bride and groom get the chance of being comfortable with each other. It also shows the capability of the photographer and how he can make the best use of the surrounding landscape in his photos.

Rich Wedding invitations

Hindu couples need to buy wedding cards for inviting their friends and relatives to visit them on their most special day. Now, they can buy beautiful designer Hindu wedding invitations from a reputed wedding card maker. They only need to choose a suitable wedding card template from the category of Hindu wedding cards, on the website of that card-making company.

Out of the box decoration

The decoration of the wedding venue should be exclusive for a grand Hindu wedding. Thus, a well-reputed decorator should be hired for this purpose. He should have great ideas to render a wonderful décor as per the decided wedding theme and the natural backdrop.

Designer Outfits and accessories

The bride and groom need to buy designer wedding outfits from renowned fashion designers. Usually, they should contact a designer and get customized dresses, as per their desires of wearing on their wedding. They can buy jewelry, footwear, and other accessories from local markets or online stores, matching the colors and designs of their wedding attire.

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Great food

A big fat wedding should have the arrangement for a grand feast for all wedding guests. Thus, the best local catering company should be hired to serve very high-quality foods and drinks to guests. Usually, buffet lunch or dinner is served, containing numerous Indian and foreign cuisines of delicious tastes.

Best photographer

An experienced wedding photographer should be hired, who can capture all the important moments of each wedding ritual. The photographer should also take natural photos of the new couple with their guests, making the best use of the decorated backdrop or landscape.

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Book all entertainers for all functions

A Hindu wedding is accompanied by music and dance, mainly during the pre-wedding rituals, like Mehendi and Sangeet. Hence, the best DJ should be hired to play jovial music and an expert choreographer should be hired to teach everyone how to dance gracefully on these occasions. Some people also hire musicians to play Shenai, as per the traditions of a Hindu wedding.

Significance of Pre & post Hindu wedding rituals

All the pre and post-wedding rituals in a Hindu wedding are meant to bring two families of the bride and groom closer. Thus, they dance, sing, and have feasts together during Mehendi, Sangeet, and wedding reception. The new couple also gets the chance of being introduced to all relatives and family friends of their spouses.

Main Hindu Wedding Event

The main ceremony in a Hindu wedding comprises the exchange of garlands by the bride and groom, worshipping the sacred fire of Yagnas, and Saptapadi or taking seven vows while moving around the fire. The ceremony closes with the groom putting sindoor on the head of his bride and tying a Mangalsutra around her neck.

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All wedding guests are given a small gift as a token of respect and gratitude for attending the wedding. Usually, a gold or silver coin or a small piece of jewelry can be chosen as giveaways that will be appreciated by all guests.

Therefore, a grand Hindu wedding can be celebrated fulfilling all rites, to make it memorable for the new couple and their guests.